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Dentist Profile Videos are popular on the East Coast. With increasing competition among dentists they are moving Westward. Check out the ones we made for Dr. Kay and Dr. Brossel

Got Cappuccino? We do - and you can too! Check out our newest "How-To" video here.

Some like it hot! Learn to build a hot fire every time! Our "How-To" video shows you how - click here to watch it.

Voted best Photo-Video 7 years in a row!
This video has over 75,000 views:

Why is this video so popular?

Because it shows RV owners how to fix a common problem, in a helpful and informative way. Viewers find the story interesting and tell their friends. There are other reasons for its appeal: It is informational and not "salesy". It is scripted so it doesn't ramble. It was filmed in a simple way that creates viewer trust. Online viewers tend to distrust overblown productions that look like commercials. This approach keeps production costs down while actually increasing views.

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